Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I really miss being a student. Anyone who remembers me from high school may call bullshit, but contrary to popular belief I actually really enjoy learning. The truth is I was just completely over the high school scene from day one. There was just so much I hated about it. Picturing the physical appearance of my high school- something I don’t enjoy doing- leads me to realize how strongly it resembles a correctional facility. Just add a barbed-wire fence and a watchtower and there you have it. And the people.. Don’t get me started on the people. The obnoxious teenagers and equally obnoxious teachers who treated you like.. teenagers. Not to sound pretentious; it just obviously wasn’t my crowd. So being the person I was (still am?), I didn’t like it so I stayed away. But if I could have rounded up the group of people whose company I did enjoy- who were possibly the only great things that came out of high school- and the very few teachers I could tolerate (and vice versa), ventured off deep into the woods and held private lessons ‘Once Upon a Forest’ style, I probably would have enjoyed the whole experience considerably more.

I’ve had only one brief encounter with college life, and I really loved it. Granted it was an English class- a subject which I’d enjoy regardless- and the professor was easily likeable. But, I enjoyed everything about that one semester. Walking campus was such a breath of fresh air compared to high school. I was surrounded mostly by quiet, well dressed adults who were willingly paying money to be there, seeking an education rather than head in the stairwell. I know- look at this college noob conjuring up this image of some higher-education-utopia. I’m sure it has its generous share of grievances; I just feel it’s way more my style. Many people my age are beginning to outline their careers and map out their game plan for the working world, but I decided to be stubborn and now I’m working in reverse. Hopefully the cards start playing in my favor soon, because Lord knows I am WAY overdue for a decent hand. Until then, this working stiff will keep on dreaming: Erine Canlas, ___________, Class of ____.

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